Silver Haze

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Silver Haze gets its name from the intensely shiny THC glands covering its buds. This bud has long dense pepper shaped bright neon green nugs with gold and amber undertones and long thin rich amber hairs. These nugs are frosty with crystal white trichomes and have a thick layer of sweet sticky resin. Silver Haze has an aroma of pungent earthy pine and a taste of pungent earth with a hint of sweet pine upon exhale. Users describe the Silver Haze high as one that is a strong clear-headed cerebral head high that leaves you happy, creative, and energetic. This clear-headed effect will remain after the other effects of the high, making Silver Haze an ideal wake-and-bake strain.

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2 reviews for Silver Haze

  1. Desmond Eliot

    I really enjoyed this. Thick luscious smoke. Nice flavor and smell. Will order again

  2. Bobga Kerl

    One of my favorite. So happy to be able to buy it consistently

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