Moroccan Primero Hash

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Moroccan Primero Hash is light to dark brown.Buy Moroccan Primero Hash Online. However, sometimes you will see a greenish tinge inside. Due to the relatively short growing marijuana season the weed plants retain a good green color at harvest time. Now wee see most cannabis from Morocco undergoes extensive alteration to create an exportable.

Smell Of Moroccan Primero Hash:
The initial odor of Moroccan Primero Hash is lightly aromatic, not spicy. It is quite distinctive in nature. The stronger the smell the stronger the Primero hash will be. The very strongest pollen should be detectable by smell from a distance away, sealed in a plastic bag. You’ll love recognizing this phenotype.

2 reviews for Moroccan Primero Hash

  1. Brian Bernett

    I’m not advertising this shit or anything but damn I gotta acknowledge that it’s good and it’s for real

  2. Ulrich Tieleman

    When I think I have had it all and seen it all I somehow manage to see something even better, stoning is totally crazy

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