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Strain Name: Chocolope
Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid 60 Sativa / 40 Indica
Looks: Super dense buds that are light green with tons of dark orange and dark red hairs. Buds look real dense like golf balls. (10/10)
Smell: It smells delicious like a strong piece of juicy fruit gum with a slight hint of skunk. (10/10)
Taste: Just like it smells, juicy fruit gum with hints of skunk. Put out a thick smooth vapor from the volcano. (9/10)
Effects: Day and night time use. Excellent medicinal effects. Provided an energetic, creative like effects. Good for pain relief, relaxing, munchies, and for getting stuff done. A few tokes too many and it provides a narcotic like couch lock which is great for sleeping. This is some FIRE! (10/10)
Potency: Very Strong (9/10)

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1 review for Chocolope

  1. Willa

    Best daytime strain i hv found so far! Started smoking again after 10years. Found my self with a toddler, losing patience all the time, frustrated, irritated, I also struggle with anxiety and depression. Its great for me beacause it chills me out but am still able to be alert for my boy. Also makes me want to play with and toys more

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