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Strain Name: Sour Diesel
Grade: A
Type: 90 sativa, 10 indica
Looks: Light green with a lot of orange hairs (10/10)
Smell: Citrus, kinda tangy gas (9/10)
Taste: Complex but smooth (10/10)
Effects: Creeps up and hits you, making you feel very light. Mostly a head head high and very happy. (10/10)
Potency: Super Strong 2-3 hours (10/10)

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What is sour diesel?


Sour Diesel aka Sour D is a breathtaking sativa-dominant strain which was founded in the 1990s and is a breed of Chemdog91 and Super Skunk alongside OG Kush. It is called as such for its pungent, gasoline-like aroma. It acts fast once taken to produce energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that are one of a kind and distinguishes it from other strains. It is medically advised to use sour diesel as it makes pain, stress and depression fly into oblivion and creates a euphoric and relaxed feeling in you that makes many patients think why other anti-depressants exist. Sour diesel is made up of a THC potency that has been measured at between 20% and 25%, a CBD content measure at between 0.1 to 0,3% as well as composed of 90% sativa and 10% Indica. It is used for recreational and medical purposes and in all social situations, that is whether you are alone or with a group of friends its combination of physical and mental effects makes it versatile enough to suit the userís purpose.


What does sour diesel smell like?


The strain grows tall both indoors and outdoors, producing moderate yields of round, sticky, medium-sized colas in a 42-to-56-day flowering period. The buds when broke reveals trichome coating of dense flowers as well as the diesel-like odor it contains. This odor keeps growing once it is grind and smoked and this pungent smell with hints of orange is quite long lasting and can carry on for some distance. Hence for those seeking discretion, sour D might not be the best.


What are the effects of sour diesel?


The power of sour diesel will invigorate you with energy and give you a head high to keep you up and running all day. It will also give you a sense of relaxation and euphoria once you are hit. That is why t is used for recreational purposes or medical uses to treat ADD, ADHA, post-traumatic disorder, bipolar disorders, pain and restlessness. The average high effects last for about 2-3 hours depending on your dose. However, side effects of sour diesel do exist and they include; Dry mouth, paranoia, dizziness and headaches all of which are nothing compared to the great high it produces


How much does sour diesel cost?


The average price for sour diesel is about $273 for an ounce but then this price fluctuates from seller to seller and also depending on the economic conditions and discounts available from each seller. You can buy sour diesel from a licensed pharmacist or online shop so feel free to place your order with us and get the feeling that will blow your mind away

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  1. damaris saint

    This week had been a real drag and needed something to help me sleep I bought qp of Sour Diesel from here and was surprised my how fast they shipped to me In Jersey. Suffice it to say am feeling tons better now

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