Blueberry Kush

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Strain Name: Blueberry Kush
Grade: A
Type: Indica
Looks:Light green flowers, copious red hairs, symmetrical buds
Smell:Honeysuckle, Oak
Taste: Honeysuckle, dry red wine
Effects: starts as a mellow lay-back and soak in the sunshine pain remover and then the creeper hits about 10-20 minutes later, and can last 2-3 hours in the morning/daytime, 1-1.5 at night.
Potency: Strong. Best to use in afternoon/eve, or after maximum pain/stress levels. Good before bed about an hour or two. Touch up if you can with that “ah, relax into the neck support pillow” final hit before going to the bedroom.

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Buy Blueberry Kush online  it’s  a predominantly Indica hybrid that produces solid, dark green and frosted with trichomes buds. It is known for its smooth blueberry taste and for its powerful long-lasting Indica type high. The high comes with euphoric feelings and uplifted mood. The produced full body high stimulates appetite and generates feelings of sedation and sleepiness. Aside from the dry eyes and mouth, users may experience paranoia, dizziness and headaches.

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2 reviews for Blueberry Kush

  1. Harold theo

    Do you deliver to UK? We need these flowers in UK.

  2. Cailyn maritza

    These beautiful frosty nugs filled my room with a scent that can only be described as “Blueberry” this site has to be one of the few places that actually sells what they are advertising and the buds you get match the pics! Am very impressed by the quality of the herb and I will continue to buy my ganja from here. Next up for me is the Moonrock.

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